New Luxury Spa in Downtown Charleston

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When you take time for yourself to visit a spa, you want to feel like you’re getting a luxurious experience. At Woodhouse Day Spa + Boutique, your top choice for a new luxury spa in downtown Charleston, we make sure you will feel relaxed, refreshed and renewed the entire time you’re here.

The new Woodhouse Day Spa + Boutique - downtown Charleston at Westedge spa location features 9,000 square feet of tranquil spaces for your dedicated spa experience. From our elegantly decorated lobby to the elevated touches added to every room like fireside relaxation rooms, plush blankets, and warm lavender neckwraps, you’ll be sure to feel totally transported to a place of ultimate relaxation when you visit us.

From the moment you walk into the Woodhouse Day Spa + Boutique, you’ll receive warm smiles as you slip into your luxurious robe and stress-releasing reflexology sandals. Await your treatments in one of our calming relaxation rooms, where you can choose from a selection of specialty loose-leaf teas or help yourself to a mimosa from our mimosa bar. A gently crackling fireplace fills the room with quiet ambience, letting your mind and body fully relax to take advantage of the wellness treatments you’re about to receive.

If you're lucky enough to be a VIP member, you'll be wearing a special luxe gray robe and escorted to a private fireside relaxation room.  Enjoy sipping on champagne and enjoy a cheese plate before or after your services. This is perfect to transform your average spa experience into a day of luxury.

With over 72 different services, the new Woodhouse Day Spa + Boutique location in downtown Charleston has treatments for everything from your head to your toes. Treat yourself to one of our signature facials, including the nourishing and deeply moisturizing Minkyti treatment or one of our HydraFacial services, which will refresh your skin and treat all your concerns. Choose from a variety of therapeutic body treatments, like our hot stone massage, reflexology treatments, or the Warm Spiced Mud Wrap.

Seasonal services like the Wintermint manicures and pedicures are tailored to provide exactly what your skin and body need during this time of year. Seasonal services are offered 4 times a year and are specially curated from FarmHouse Fresh to bring decadence, aromatherapy, and the perfect hydration remedy to each season.

Whatever treatments you choose, you can trust that our excellent therapists will provide the best of service, and you will receive an individualized luxury spa experience.

Your enjoyment of luxury doesn’t have to end at the spa doors. Browse our high-end boutique, which stocks everything from skincare products to UGG robes, to find the perfect accompaniments to your day at the spa. We offer a range of luxury beauty and skincare products, including the BABOR skincare line.

BABOR products bring excellent scientific research into precision skincare treatments that will clear your skin. Partnered with innovative active ingredients and specialized treatment procedures, BABOR is some of the best luxury skincare on the market. We also use the Doctor Babor line in our Soothe and Strengthen Facial. BABOR is a G-Beauty brand. G-Beauty is one of the next big things in beauty and skincare, standing for German beauty. G-Beauty is making waves, especially in the clean beauty space, as consumers are increasingly searching for simplicity and clean, sustainable products.

Bring the relaxation and rejuvenation home with you, but don’t forget that luxury is always waiting at Woodhouse Spa + Boutique in downtown Charleston!

You don’t have to just take our word for it, our clients all agree that Woodhouse Day Spa + Boutique offers a truly luxurious experience in Mount Pleasant.

Clients have called Woodhouse Day Spa + Boutique an “oasis in a busy life,” where we pay “great attention to the smallest details.” Woodhouse is “equipped with everything you need” from a spa, from robes to shampoo and soap in the bathrooms, to our amazing selection of pre-treatment refreshments.

One reviewer says, “I was made to feel like a million dollars. They catered to any need and the services were top quality.” This kind of personal service is what you can expect from any trip to Woodhouse Day Spa + Boutique. Our spa service is worlds above impersonal, single-service offerings. We truly believe in the benefits of full-service luxury and make sure it’s part of everything we do here at the spa. At Woodhouse, you receive a resort spa experience in your backyard. The ultimate staycation is only a phone call away!

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